GPS Tracking Device in Delhi India


Have you ever thought that in ancient period how people reach their destination? How they navigate the location where they have to go?

In ancient period, they use stars, moon and sun to know the location wherever they want to go in the human routes like- Street, seas, and sky. Because of poor navigation knowledge, The First spaceship we sent to the moon either missed their direction completely or crashed into it. Columbus and his ship were fabulously, misdirected. After that So many device invented (positioning oneself distance, time and speed) for navigate location. But still those devices not show the exact location and time taking to track location.

Now, in Today’s era when technology got advanced, everyone busy in their daily routine work, so they have limited amount of time to do any work or to reach any unknown destination like; attending interview, official meeting, analyze exact location of terrorists or criminals on border/different location, search examination centers, instantly find the location of crimes/accidents, to track your elder/youngster/teenager member of family who is outside the house, track your loving one where is she/he in absence of you, to track nanny either they take care of baby in absence of you or not, track the lost phone or assets, personal security, track vehicle of teenagers/ elder/ loving ones/ kidnaper, etc many more conditions. Active India Digital had focus on all situation work on it and manufactures a gadget or device named as GPS Tracking Device in Delhi, its solution of all those problems which we discussed above.


Our experts, who already have experience of two-three years in this field had create innovative, creative full skilled device based on advanced technology and according to customer’s demand or need. Because we always give priority to customer, as per their preferences we sell this Small GPS Tracking Device in Delhi together with different states of India and all over the world. These GPS tracking gadgets are present in different size, color, design and model/brands in market or in GPS device stores. User buy these products from different store or online without getting idea that from where they have to buy exactly these devices, for that problem we are the solution, we are the best GPS tracker supplier in Delhi, provide best quality product with fabulous performance & 100% security facilities, user will definitely give positive feedback by getting satisfied by our product and services.


Products Features

Intelligent Vehicle Tracking

Used to do real time data monitoring with speed control operation of the vehicle in restricted zone. Uses GPS and GSM module to identify the position of vehicle.

Over Speeding Alerts

This feature coordinates the car’s position, via GPS Tracker with a database of speed limit information alert driver if they’re speeding. Provide speeding alert.

Panic (SOS) Button

It’s a emergency button used for SOS send SMS, mail or call alert containing your GPS coordinate in Google Maps link to your all emergency calls and alert too.

Geo Fence Notifications

Allow you to establish virtual geo fence around predefined geographical area. You can set your geo fenced push notification too.

Trip Records

User can check the data of trip record of last two months. Track path/location/speed in history record and updated record too.

Engine Immobilze

It’s state of art of anti-theft system. It’s smart key lock system, if the immobilizer turn ON then the victim can’t open the car.

Are you getting or facing problem in buying or using their services?

If yes, then no need to worry if you have any query regards their use, features or details then send us message, call, SMS or leave your query on our online portal. Our team will contact you within 24 hours, our customer care service available 24X7, we the GPS tracking Dealer in Delhi give our best to solve your query still you face any problem then you can come directly our official address, we provide all details and show you how to use the product practically. Buyer can Buy GPS Tracker System in Delhi by online or offline mode. In Online they can buy through credit/debit cards, net banking, Pay U, Pay tm, Tej, etc, online payment sources. Offline through our official stores which are located in different states of India.

These GPS Tracking Device in Delhi are having different features: give reports (stoppage, travel, fleet summary, speed monitor, POI, trip, speed wise distance), user friendly interface, help to find out fast and easiest route of destination, share live location or live address to family or friends, located your friends location, Personal tracking with indicating duration, speed and time, highlight location on which you or other one tracking to whom you want to track, etc.

GPS Tracker for Car used to track the vehicle of teenager, youngsters who went outside at night, track the elder member who went outside far away from house, track the employee where they are going without informing to manager, GPS Tracker for Child to track where they travel in absence of you, to track nannies either she take care of baby in absence of you, etc many more conditions.

So, These GPS Tracking Device in Delhi are available as product named as GPS Vehicle Tracker, GPS Personal Tracker, Built-in GSM & GPS Antenna, High Sensitive GPS Chipset, 3g GPS tracker, moplus motorcycle GPS tracker, etc in our GPS stores of Delhi.